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Fernleigh Lawn Bowling Club, Inc. has been located at 35 Lancaster Road, West Hartford since 1923. Our charming old club house is visible from Lancaster Road or behind Butterfly Restaurant on Farmington Ave. We are a private, non-profit organization.

Lawn Bowling is a friendly sport suitable for all ages and physical abilities. The social aspects of the game are well suited to a relaxed atmosphere and a camaraderie among bowlers. Our members are eager to help each other hone their skills and learn new aspects of the game.

Bowlers soon discover that it is a relatively easy game to learn, but, while the pace seems slow it is surprisingly challenging. As skills develop, the thinking and planning involved in strategy increase the enjoyment of the sport.

Our membership is composed of couples and singles as well as associate (non-bowling) members. Activities include regularly scheduled round robins and tournaments as well as more informal games. All members have keys to the club, so can come to bowl or practice at any time.

Our green is lighted and we do have evening events to accommodate those who work or have other obligations during the day

The Green is a very important element in the game. We wear flat soled shoes or sneakers to protect the grass. Maintenance of the green is an ongoing project and we try to respect and safeguard it.

There are two meetings of the full membership each year, generally at a restaurant where we can have a social time as well as take care of club business. The Officers, Directors and Committee chairs meet regularly during the season. (All members are invited to attend these meeting if they wish.)

Our season runs from May until October.

Lawn bowlers are eager to share their love of the game and welcome the chance to explain the basics and let interested visitors roll a few bowls.


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