Welcome to the home of Fernleigh Lawn Bowling Club, Inc

The ancient sport of Lawn Bowling is played in 72 countries and has been active in West Hartford, Ct since 1913. Lawn bowling is easily learned, but can take years to master. It is played within a rink that is laid out on a bowling green. The objective of the game is for each team member to roll their bowls closer to the target known as the jack. The bowls are designed with a bias that allows you to curve your bowl around the others.

Lawn bowling is a sport with established rules for etiquette, and the social aspects of the game are well suited to a relaxed atmosphere and friendly competition among bowlers.

Fernleigh Lawn Bowling Club has been a fixture of the Hartford area since 1923, despite being unknown to many area residents. We are a private, non-profit organization. Our charming club house is visible from Lancaster Road or behind the Butterfly restaurant on Farmington Avenue. Maintenance of the club is conducted by our members who cherish its history and enjoy the camaraderie of shared efforts.

Today's membership includes couples, singles, and non-bowling social members ranging from 21 to 91 years of age. We have exceeded our goal of 100 members for our centennial season in 2023.

Opening Day 2024